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History of PolyKup, Inc.
These include:
Developing a custom gear reduction which was mated to the Audi Quattro AWD system, and integrating a Tesla motor and battery system into the vehicle. This yielded an impressive range of 250 miles, and an acceleration of zero-to-sixty mph in 3.9 seconds. Sam's ambitious project involved reverse-engineering the Audi's CANbus communications system and developing a first-gen MCU (Main Computer Unit), which has now evolved into Polykup's newest project called the eScreen EV. Previous EV conversions had typically been limited to pre-1997 (pre-CANbus) 'classic' cars, making them simpler to work on. As a result of Founder Sam Polyak's Audi-Tesla EV conversion, two videos about the car went 'viral,' garnishing more than five million views on YouTube and making the car an icon in the EV conversion world.
In 2017 Sam Polyak successfully converted an Audi S5 to all-electric with specs that would be expected from the most prestigious OEM electric cars.
PolyKup's Specialties Include:
● EV conversions & Vehicle modifications
● Reverse engineering CANbus systems & vehicle integration
● Traction Battery & BMS design
● Product development & systems UI
PolyKup Team
Sam Polyak
Sam is an Entrepreneur who founded Polykup, Inc. out of his parents' garage in 2013. From the very beginning, he saw the potential and future of electric vehicles. Sam started by tinkering with an old Mazda that he had acquired from a local junkyard.

After successfully completing that Electric Vehicle (EV) conversion, he went on to consult for others on EV conversions and convert more electric vehicles of his own. Unsatisfied with most conversions at that time — which were limited in range, performance, and technical sophistication — Sam set out to build his most ambitious project yet… (read more in History of Polykup, Inc.)

Education: Having worked in and around the automotive industry since the age of 18, Sam is largely self-educated in the Electric Vehicle (EV) field. While attending Bergen Community College, Sam sought advice from his professor on his Mazda EV conversion. Since the college didn't offer an EV program, Sam spoke with the Dean, who liked the idea of starting the program based on Sam's and his professor's ideas, which he subsequently co-taught from 2014 through 2016.
Founder & CEO
Andrew Clark
Andrew is an Electrical Engineer / Physical Scientist who provides technical design and support services to companies and individuals to actualize their goals. He has spent over a decade working in the field of telecommunications, primarily in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) and point-to-point microwave radio communications in Alaska. Projects included Alaska Land Mobile Radio (ALMR), the State of Alaska Telephone System (SATS), and US Coast Guard Rescue 21 (USCG R21) Alaska buildout and subsequent operations. Microwave path analysis and design is one of his specialties.

Andrew has a keen interest in all things RF (Radio Frequency) due to his undergraduate microwave circuit design and graduate electromagnetics experience, as well as a deep abiding interest in amateur radio, where he is FCC licensed with callsign AC4EM. Computational fluid dynamics in the context of plasma physics (magnetohydrodynamics) is also a topic of interest in which he has experience. Andrew also works on embedded microcontroller projects involving software as well as hardware (electronics design, prototyping, and implementation). He brings his experience to Polykup, Inc. in the electronics and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design of the eScreen EV. Andrew has previously been vetted and is currently registered with SAM (System for Award Management) through Tensorworks LLC.

Education: Andrew holds a BSEE from Duke University, and studied semiconductor physics and upper atmospheric plasma physics at the graduate level at Cornell University, where he passed his final PhD exam (but did not receive the degree, due to extenuating circumstances) and received extensive teaching and research experience. He is a published author and co-author of several peer-reviewed scientific papers in the Journal of Geophysical Research, and one article in Physical Review Letters.
Engineering Director
Jeff McCord
Jeff has worked in the fields of marketing, communications, PR and gov't relations since 1999. He also has a background in computer game design and coding, and has been a graphic artist and Photoshop expert for over 20 years.

Having founded several entrepreneurial ventures over the past decades, Jeff has helped to guide companies through their foundation and growth periods, including providing leadership, social media consulting, and crowdfunding guidance for a number of high-profile clients. Jeff also has a passion for environmental sustainability and has chosen to focus on the work that we do at Polykup, Inc. both on principle and as a passion.

Education: Jeff holds a Master's Degree at the Evans School of Public Policy & Governance from the University of Washington and has served as Executive Director at two non-profits. Also a filmmaker, Jeff attended NYU film school and later received his undergraduate degree at The Evergreen State College in Media Arts.
Marketing & Design Director
Jesper Willumsen
Jesper has worked in the field of 3D rendering, animation, and design since 1999. His background producing animations for commercials and tier one computer game art has prepared him for developing digital design solutions and traditional artwork for almost any type of visual presentation. Jesper joined Polykup, Inc. to provide the 3D rendering and design-visualization during each stage of our product design cycle.

Jesper works toward achieving a balance between aesthetic elegance and practical design visualization.

Education: Jesper, a Swedish national, cut his teeth on computer animation while working on projects for A-list video game titles over the last two decades. He originally attended 'gymnasium' (the Swedish name for post-secondary school), and has worked ever since in the 3D animations field while continually learning new skills through his creations for the commercial and technical worlds.
Visual Designer/Animator
Patric Massey
Patric is passionate about two main things in life: His charitable work as a professional basketball player for the Harlem Wizards, and being a graphic artist and video editor. Fittingly, Patric's name on the court to thousands of fans worldwide is, "The Artist" because of his skills in the game and with his design and video work. He has brought his artistic skills to the Polykup team, helping to create visual masterpieces for our communications and marketing needs. We are happy that Patric is part of the team in every sense of the word.

Skills & Education: Patric Massey attended Columbia College, MO. He is proficient in the Adobe Suite; including Illustrator, After Effects, Premier Pro, DreamWeaver, and Welcome. He is also talented in Cinema 4D. His digital experience includes photo manipulation, sports edits, vector illustrations, and 3D visual effects.
Graphic Artist / Video Editor
With over six years of experience under his collar, Max is our Head of Security and CES (Chief of Emotional Support). His responsibilities include sniffing and dishing out licks to all who enter the premises. Although young, he is one of the most mature six-year-olds you will ever meet! He typically insists upon picking the music for the shop, playing his favorite tracks: "Who Let the Dogs Out" and "What Does the Fox Say."

When he's not security-checking visitors, he helps our team unload raw materials, finding more wood (sticks) than we ever seem to need. He has also developed his own secret inventory system, 'marking' items in our yard and, miraculously, always seeming to be able to keep track of them. His skills include: sit, stay, lay down, and roll over. Hobbies include speed-eating; holding the east-coast record since 2018 for wolfing down his food from zero to sixty in under three seconds.
Head of security / Emotional support
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