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*Note* If we currently do not support a particular component, we can work with you to make it compatible.

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The MCU is an all in one module that integrates all the major systems inside your electric vehicle. With a robust and modular design the MCU can easily be adapted to any Motor, BMS, Charger, etc., that works of Canbus.

If there is a feature that we have not listed, that you would like, please let us know! We can work with You to make it just right for you!

The MCU is offered in three packages. These packages are the Base, Mid-tier, and Luxury-Tier.
The Mid-Tier MCU was designed for giving your conversion the flexibility to make it just the way you like it. In this tier you can customize just about everything, from the size of the display to what features you want included.

The Mid-Tier comes standard with everything from the Base version. It also adds standard a Chrome browser, YouTube video playback, Wi-Fi, a Music interface with FM/Internet radio, 4G internet (Sim card not included), and Lifetime Over the Air updates.

Hardware included:
  • More powerful MCU computer with 4gb of ram and quad core processor
  • Sound output
  • CAN controller
Mid Tier
Choose one of the displays:
11.6 inch FHD 1080p capacitive touch screen
15.6 inch FDH 1080p capacitive touch screen
Special offer:
Bluetooth and Premium Sound (includes Microphone)
iDrive Module
TPMS (Includes Four Sensors and Receiver)
4G LTE Dongle (Verizon sim card not included)
Features List
  • RND (Tesla Drive unit only)
  • Live cell voltages
  • Live resistance values
  • Amperes
  • Current Amp Hours
  • Voltage
  • Min and max cell voltage
  • Min and Max Cell temperature
  • Efficiency chart
  • Everything from base MCU
  • 4G internet for maps, chrome, and YouTube
  • Music interface
  • Time, date, and outside temperature
  • RPM
  • Speed
  • Battery State of Charge
  • Estimated Range
  • Instant KW
  • Motor Temp
  • Inverter Temp
  • Battery Temp
  • Odometer
  • Trip odometer
  • Regen command (Tesla Drive unit only)
  • Creep command (Tesla Drive unit only)
  • Power command (Tesla drive unit only
Update MCU
The MCU features Over the air updates that will constantly provide new features over the life of the vehicle. It also allows you to upgrade your display at any time with a simple press of a button. With any HDMI screen supported you can choose the screen that works best for your car.
List of features MCU
List of features MCU
Bluetooth and premium sound
With this option you receive the ability to receive and make phone calls through the display. You can also play your favorite media source via Bluetooth as well. Included in this option is a premium sound adapter that provides 5.1 digital Surround sound for the best audio quality in your application. This sound adapter also comes with a physical turn knob for controlling volume and turning the system on and off
Tire pressure
The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) uses OEM quality sensors in each wheel to display each tire pressure and temperature on the display. Whenever the pressure falls in one of the wheels, a warning light will come on the display as well as automatically switch over to the TPMS menu. From there you will see which wheel is losing pressure and be able to service it as necessary.
BMW iDrive
While touch screens are very nice to have, sometimes physical controls are more convenient. That is why we have created a plug and play solution for using BMW I drive controller for navigating the display. With all the buttons fully functional and operating just as you would expect them to behave.
With Mapbox as the engine behind navigation go anywhere you want with confidence. It maybe hard to find charging stations in a conversion, especially since range is usually difficult to estimate. In our navigation system not only will you be able to see your range as a circle on the map but will also help you select the best charging station along your route. When selecting a charging station, the MCU will factor in the score of the station as given by the plug share app, as well as level of charging, recent reviews, and distance from your intended destination. Travel with peace of mind.
12v GPIO
To have a true OEM feel for the vehicle, things like turn signals, headlights, door opening should be integrated into the vehicle. With the 12v GPIO option you can tap into those components of the vehicle and have its status displaying on the screen. So for example with your headlights on you will see an animation of your vehicle with the headlights on. When the turn signal is engaged you will see it flashing as you would in an ordinary vehicle. These can also be programmed for custom applications as needed.
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