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The MCU is an all in one module that integrates all the major systems inside your electric vehicle. With a robust and modular design the MCU can easily be adapted to any Motor, BMS, Charger, etc., that works of Canbus.

If there is a feature that we have not listed, that you would like, please let us know! We can work with You to make it just right for you!

The MCU is offered in three packages. These packages are the Base, Mid-tier, and Luxury-Tier.
The base version is designed to display the most critical information in your vehicle. In addition, it comes preassembled with a 7-inch touch screen display, or an optional
10-inch touch screen. Simply plug in the power, connect it to your canbus, and its ready to go!

Hardware included:
  • MCU computer
  • 7 inch 800x480 capacitive touch screen
  • Canbus controller
  • Creep Command (Tesla DU only)
  • Power Command (Tesla DU only)
  • PRND (Tesla DU only)
  • Live Cell voltages
  • Live Resistance values
  • Amperage
  • Voltage
  • Battery Amp Hours
  • Min and Max cell Voltage
  • Min and Max cell Temp
  • Efficiency chart
  • RPM
  • Speed (MPH/KPH)
  • Battery state of charge
  • Dynamic estimated range
  • Instant Power (KW)
  • Motor Temp (F/C)
  • Inverter Temp (F/C)
  • Battery Temp (F/C)
  • Odometer
  • Trip odometer
  • Regen Command (Tesla DU only)
List of features included with the base MCU
10 inch 1280x800 display
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